Kevin Ivey - IVI

Kevin Ivey began his glass blowing career in 2001 after realizing that college was not where he could discover his true passion in life. Kevin left the corporate world in Texas to travel the United States learning the techniques of borosilicate lampworking. Kevin then returned to Texas where he started his first glass blowing shop in the historic town of New Braunfels, Texas.

In 2002, Kevin met his wife and moved to San Antonio, Texas where he sweated through many hot Texas summers perfecting his craft. In 2003, Kevin wrote his first of many glass articles for publications such as The Flow, Glass Line and La Magga. Kevin also began teaching at “Wired Designs” in San Antonio, Texas. In 2005, Kevin and his wife moved to their current home in Austin, Texas. In June of 2007, Kevin opened Flameworks as the first multifunctional borosilicate glass gallery, studio, teaching facility, and supply store of its kind in central Texas.

Kevin Ivey has studied with famous artists such as Milon Towsend, Bandhu Dunham, Patty Walton, Greg Hoff, Jim Smerchich, Will Menzies, Cowboy, Salt, Marbleslinger, Micah Evans, Christian Luginger, SNIC, and Nate Miers.

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