Each month we bring nationally recognized glassworking artists in from around the country to teach what they know and what they have learned. With each artist using their own techniques, each class is sure to be unique!

Check out who has stopped by, and who is on their way:

Bandhu Dunham - Marble Runs


Marble Runs and other Kinetic Contraptions - Call for Class Dates - Austin Flameworks in Ausitn TX.

Course description:

This class will focus on constructing borosilicate roller coasters for marbles. Starting with basic techniques of constructing track, we will develop complex sculptures with Rube Goldberg-like contraptions built into the marble run. Features will include switches and triggers, loop-the-loops, vortex spirals and perhaps some elevator mechanisms. Mind-expanding and addictive, marble runs are the new drug of choice for glassblowers! Check out some of Bandhu’s marble runs on his website, www.bandhu.info, to see the possibilities.

Tuition $500.00


Bandhu Dunham has been a pioneer in the field of lampworked glass since 1975. Examples of his work are in the permanent collections of museums around the world, including the Corning Museum of Glass, The Museum of Art and Design, the Sphere Museum of Tokyo, The Niijima Glass Art Center (Japan) and the Museum für Glaskünst Lauscha (Germany).

Bandhu is the author of several books on glass and art, including the definitive instructional text Contemporary Lampworking (with volume 3 released last Spring) and the provocative book of essays, Creative Life. He has demonstrated and taught internationally at numerous venues and conferences, including the Glass Art Society, the Niijima Glass Art Festival (Japan), the Internationales Glassymposium (Germany), the International Lampwork Festa (Japan), The Pilchuck School, the Penland School of Crafts, The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass, and Eugene Glass School, among others. In 2010 he was a special guest professor at Osaka University of Arts in Japan.


Eusheen Goines Workshop


January 13th 14th 15th! Workshop with Eusheen Hosted by Flameworks

Tuition $500

Eusheen Goines

Eusheen was born in a small village known as Takilma Oregon on january 3rd 1979. He comes from a family full of artists and musicians. His mother being a textile weaver and songwriter along with many other arts, taught Eusheen from a young age how to live off of art, how to travel and be nomadic. By age 18 Eusheen was traveling through out the country on his own working at Renaissance Faires, living a gypsy type lifestyle.

It wasn't until January of 2000 that Eusheen was working at a smokeshop in Grants Pass Oregon that he discovered the art of Flameworking glass. He was inspired and moved into a small apartment next to a studio with other lampworkers spending the majority of his free time on the torch. Eusheen apprenticed with Mike Luna for two years and had lessons with Darby Holm early in his career. After getting the basics of lampworking down Eusheen continued to travel around the country with his new found art. Finally in november of 2005 he stopped in Tucson Arizona where he became re-inspired. Attending the Flame Off, Best Bead Show and Gem Show Eusheen felt a strong connection to the glass art community and met many other artists.

Today Eusheen lives in Wilderville Oregon where he shares a newly built studio with his friend Natey and brother Shen. Eusheen is closely connected with other glass artists such as Darby, Banjo, Chaz, Marbleslinger, Hops, Mike Luna, ESP, and many others. With a new studio and tools to work with Eusheen is always looking for new ways to push his limits as a glass artist. Continuing to learn new styles, collaborating with other artists and teaching classes Eusheen will most definitely be a strong force in the glass art community for years to come.



John Kobuki - The Flower Marble


John Kobuki will be hosting a 3 day class at Austin Flameworks Febuary 3rd - 5th! He will be diving into the different techniques and flames required to creaite the beautiful and intricate compression marbles Kobuki is famous for. Give us a call at 512. 215.2676 to sign up, space is limited and classes fill up fast! Don't miss your chance to learn from the best, call and schedule your Kobuki "Flower Marble" class today!!!

Tuition $500.00


Course description:

This three day class will explore the "Compression" technique used to make Flowers and other deeply encased designs utilizing solid rods of borosilicate glass. Each day there will be two demonstrations of the technique into a marble. After each demo will be instruction with the students behind the torch. Students will learn color and tooling tricks for more interesting petals and leaves as well as understand layering and why the technique is a  "Compression" and not an "implosion". There will be a strong emphasis on heat and flame management and learning the different angles to balance the glass and get the optimal effect of the technique.

Course level: Intermediate to advance

John Kobuki Bio:

2003    1st annual Eugene Glass School Flame Off. 1st place marble category
2005    Wheaton Village NJ. Marble Weekend, demonstration artist
International Lampworking Festival, Kobe Japan, exhibitor and demonstration artist
2006    2nd annual Borosilicate Art Expo, Tokyo Japan, exhibitor and demonstration artist
Japan Lampworking festival, Nagara Japan, exhibition artist
100 lampworkers isbn# 4-9903283-0-2 featured artist
2007    3rd annual Borosilicate Art Expo, Yokohama Japan,  exhibitor and demonstration artist
2009    Glass Line Magazine volume 23 number 2.  One of 33 featured artist.
1010    Creative Glass isbn#978-0-7643-3505-1 featured artist
Contemporary Lampworking Vol. III isbn.978-0-9658972-3-5
AGI Art Glass Invitational Demonstrating Artist.
Pittsburgh Glass Center, Summer intesive teacher.
2011    LAMMAGA magazine vol. 14 featured artist.
June-GAS converence Seattle (Glass Art Society) demonstrating artist



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