Our resident artists bring decades of experience to the table in all aspects of glass work art and supplies.

Kevin Ivey - IVI

Kevin Ivey began his glass blowing career in 2001 after realizing that college was not where he could discover his true passion in life. Kevin left the corporate world in Texas to travel the United States learning the techniques of borosilicate lampworking. Kevin then returned to Texas where he started his first glass blowing shop in the historic town of New Braunfels, Texas.

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In 2006, after getting married and becoming a father, Jay Massey turned his glass melting hobby into a half-decade long career. That year, he began working under Kevin Ivi at Austin Flameworks, helping to build the studio from the ground up while maintaining a position as both a resident artist and a glassblowing instructor. In addition to being part of the Flameworks roster of artists, he is currently an intern and an artist for Salt. He has learned from some of the best lampworkers in this country,and owes a debt to the glass-melting community for being so awesome and inspiring, and to his family for their encouragement and patience. 




Rudy - RudeBoy

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Although very new to the world of melting glass, I have picked up the art pretty fast. Being around such cool and insightful people on a daily basis helps to keep me grounded and focused on honing my skill sets. I wouldn't be at the level I'm at if it was not for IVI, JMass, Lift, and Mr. Smith. Thanks guys!







Mr. Smith

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